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Work as an escort for girls and models

Security and confidentiality guaranteed;

High level of income;

Time-tested customer database;

Travel around the world;

Flexible work schedule;

Work experience is not important.

Meet an escort model with a client

Enter the escort industry

Do you dream of a promising future and communication with successful men? Do you receive expensive gifts? Can you afford to go to a trendy resort to relax? For now, everything is in your hands! And do you know why?

"New Angels Agency" - cooperate with the best escort agency in EUROPA. We offer only highly paid work, we provide a bonus system for beautiful and slim girls.

The best country for escort services.

Its benefits :

Assistance with relocation, ticket accreditation;

We take care of all the bureaucratic expenses with documents;

We provide accommodation for a comfortable stay in the city center;

Progress at the beginning of the cooperation.

An unprecedented opportunity to turn your life around and multiply your income many times over is to work as an escort . 99% of girls dream of looking at the world and living without worries.

The popularity of escorts grows every year. Millionaires try to emphasize their status in every possible way, buy designer watches, expensive shoes, suits from Brioni. They try to follow the unspoken rules of etiquette and prefer to attend social events with wonderful companions.

Models become ideal companions: spectacular employees of elite agencies. Girls have not only a fantastically beautiful appearance, but also a well-developed intellect, a positive disposition. With such beauties it is not a shame to appear in society and it is interesting to talk in private. A charming lady with an inquisitive mind and the ability to support any conversation is the best company for any gentleman.

How to choose an agency?

Escort agency employee

Every year, several escort agencies are opened that provide a wide range of services for accompanying important people to business negotiations, presentations, parties, celebrations, exhibitions, business trips to cities in European and abroad. The demand for the service gives rise to many interesting proposals. The Internet sites of various job boards are full of tempting job advertisements for adult girls, but, unfortunately, many of them have nothing to do with escorts. Girls are lured to work in cereal stores by deception and try to make money by having intimate relationships with customers. To get a job in a strong organization, you need to learn how to weed out unscrupulous employers and carefully analyze the market.

Reputable services that have been working in this field for more than a year take care of their reputation and guarantee their employees:

Decent regular income;

High tips and bonuses;

Free  escort work schedule.

Registration in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation;

Full and part-time employment;

Confidentiality and anonymity of personal data;

Reliable security;

Tested and suitable clients;

Assistance with relocation and free housing.

On the New Angels escort jobs website, you can submit a questionnaire to a professional agency for a model to accompany rich men on trips, business meetings or vacations.

Who is selected?

shooting guard

Many non-resident girls dream of getting a job as a model. The agency provides equal opportunities to all applicants, but chooses those who can really become an ornament of the institution. The requirements are not strict, employers do not get hung up on generally accepted beauty standards and invite girls of different types to cooperate.

Ladies with extraordinary, memorable appearance and bright personality quickly become popular and highly paid VIP models. Experience, as well as education, does not matter, a qualified team will help you acquire the necessary skills and provide comprehensive support.

A great way for a young woman to live in Europe is to get a job as an escort to accompany men. You don't even need a good knowledge of the language to start practicing abroad. Of course, to advance your career you will need to take intensive courses to learn the language of the country you are working in,...

A site where you will find the correct answers for young model girls who say they want to be and be an escort . Being an escort has now become a job that makes sense in the mind of a young woman. You must have noticed that the best places where you enter a luxury environment or clubs are attractive and well-groomed escorts!...

Girls often receive offers through social networks for a highly paid job as an escort. And if you yourself are looking for an opportunity to receive a good stable income, then you have probably come across advertisements for escort agencies more than once that promise a luxurious life and a quiet job escort 19 year old with high daily...

If a girl decides to make money in the escort field, then she has two ways: work in the capital or travel on tours. The second option is much more complicated, since it involves additional costs for purchasing air tickets, difficulties in obtaining a visa, etc. And girls don't want to be in a foreign country without money and up...

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